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Green Team – Nuala Saul, James Mullen, Debra Devlin

At Brack Tours we take Green Tourism seriously, with a dedicated team across a number of departments we are able to get our message across to our entire workforce. Each member of the green team enforces our sustainable and green principles throughout their department making sure that all members of the workforce abide by our environmental policy and green work ethos. Our Green team is comprised of the following Brack Tours Employees Nuala Devlin Saul “Team Leader” James Mullen “Team Specialist” & Debra Devlin “Team Enforcer”.

Rule 1 – Management Support

At least one member of our Green team is from Senior Management. Nuala is our Managing Director and will lead and coordinate all ideas and changes. It is important for a senior manager to be involved in the team so that decisions and changes can be made quickly and effective immediately.

Rule 2 – Commitment

It is important that all members of the team and company are committed to the aims and targets of the green initiative. The Team Leader must review suggestions and targets with the intention of implementing the ideas as soon as possible and with the support of the team.

Rule 3 – Diversity

The Green Team must include members from all sectors of the business and at all different professional levels. Ideally the group should be volunteers who have come forward to be a part of the Green Team and will often turn out to be the most enthusiastic within the group.

Rule 4 – Set realistic, smart targets

One of the first tasks of the team should be to set targets for the next 2 years which will provide the basis for the whole green tourism process. The Green Team will ideally set targets which involve encouraging more overseas tourists to book green tours and aim to educate our customers and service providers on sustainability and environmental issues.

Rule 5 – Start with the basics

The team will discuss and start with the basic changes that can be made within the company. Initially decide what changes can be implemented by the employer, employees and also within the business premises, the Hub. Simple changes to printing processes, travel to work and recycling can provide a very good start.

Rule 6 – Look outside the company

Once the green basics are in place, the next step will be to look outside the company to our local customers & service providers. The Green Team should also aim to work closely with our international tour groups and FITs when they are booking their travel with Brack Tours. This will involve the team ensuring that coaching, car hire and accommodations are reviewed to determine their commitment to green tourism.

Rule 7 – Celebrate & Recognise Success

The most important action of the Brack Tours green team is to celebrate environmental success. This could be for an individual who has lead a successful initiative or for the company as a whole. At this point, the team has worked hard, and the company must celebrate wins to continue success and encourage employees to keep taking steps toward environmental sustainability for the company and for themselves.

Our Green Team

Brack Green Team

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