In a world where social media reigns supreme, the quest for the perfect Instagram shot has become a rite of passage for travelers. Ireland, with its breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and rich history, offers an abundance of Insta-worthy locations waiting to be discovered. From dramatic coastal cliffs to picturesque castles, here’s a curated list of some of the most Instagrammable Ireland locations that will make your followers green with envy.

Cliffs of Moher

Perched majestically along the rugged west coast of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are a sight to behold. Rising to heights of up to 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, these sheer cliffs provide a stunning backdrop for your Instagram feed. Capture the dramatic views from the cliff edge or admire the emerald-green hues of the surrounding landscape. The Cliffs of Moher are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Giant’s Causeway

Venture north to County Antrim and discover the otherworldly beauty of the Giant’s Causeway. Formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity, this UNESCO World Heritage site is renowned for its unique hexagonal basalt columns. Wander along the coastal path and capture the symmetrical patterns of the rock formations against the backdrop of the crashing waves. Don’t forget to strike a pose on the iconic “Wishing Chair” for that perfect Instagram moment.

Kylemore Abbey

Nestled amidst the tranquil Connemara countryside, Kylemore Abbey exudes timeless elegance and charm. This fairytale-like castle, with its stunning Victorian walled gardens and serene lake, offers endless photo opportunities. Whether you’re strolling through the meticulously manicured grounds or admiring the reflections in the shimmering water, Kylemore Abbey is a photographer’s paradise.

Doorways in Dublin

Wander through the streets of Dublin and you’ll be captivated by the city’s colorful Georgian doorways. Adorned with intricate details and vibrant hues, these iconic doors provide the perfect backdrop for your Instagram snapshots. Each doorway tells its own story and adds a touch of whimsy to your feed. From pastel pinks to bold blues. Take a leisurely stroll through neighborhoods like Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Square to discover these hidden gems.

Umbrella Alley, Galway

Add a splash of color to your Instagram feed with a visit to Galway’s famous Umbrella Alley. Located off High Street this charming laneway is adorned with a kaleidoscope of suspended umbrellas. Creating a whimsical canopy of vibrant hues. Coordinate your outfits with the rainbow of umbrellas above, strike playful poses, and capture candid moments of laughter and joy amidst the colorful backdrop.

Dunquin Pier, County Kerry

Tucked away on the Dingle Peninsula, Dunquin Pier offers a stunning and dramatic seascape perfect for your Instagram feed. The winding, steep path that leads down to the pier is carved into the cliffs and provides a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Blasket Islands. Capture the unique perspective of the zigzagging path against the backdrop of crashing waves and rugged cliffs. Don’t forget to snap a photo of the picturesque pier itself! Add this hidden gem of wild Irish beauty to your photo collection.

Dunquin Pier - Instagrammable Ireland Locations

Sheep Sheering in Connemara

Embark on a unique photoshoot adventure in the picturesque countryside of Connemara with a sheep shearing experience. Put on traditional Irish tweed caps and aprons, roll up your sleeves, and learn the art of shearing from local experts. Capture hilarious moments of sheepish antics, friendly competitions, and newfound skills in action. Showcasing the timeless tradition of rural Ireland with a playful twist.

Fairy Glen, Rostrevor

Tucked away in the enchanting village of Rostrevor, County Down, lies the Fairy Glen. A hidden oasis of calm and natural beauty. Follow winding pathways through lush woodland, cross babbling streams via stepping stones, and discover secluded alcoves beneath towering trees. Capture the ethereal atmosphere with whimsical photoshoots featuring fairy wings, flower crowns, and sparkling lights, creating a magical scene straight out of a fairytale.

Sean’s Bar, Athlone

Step into history at Sean’s Bar in Athlone. Reputedly the oldest pub in Ireland, with a legacy dating back to 900 AD. This charming establishment offers a cozy, atmospheric setting with its thatched roof, open fireplace, and ancient artifacts on display. Snap photos of the rustic interior, enjoy a pint of locally brewed beer, and capture the unique ambiance that has welcomed patrons for over a millennium. Let the timeless charm of Sean’s Bar add a touch of historical magic to your Instagram feed.

From enchanting villages and historic pubs to vibrant laneways and quirky experiences, Ireland is a treasure trove of creativity and inspiration for Instagram enthusiasts. The Emerald Isle invites you to unleash your imagination and embark on a journey of discovery. Whether you’re seeking breathtaking landscapes, lively venues, or offbeat photo opportunities. So pack your camera, gather your friends, and prepare to capture memories that will last a lifetime in the land of endless possibilities. Let your creativity soar and share the magic of Ireland with the world, one Insta-worthy moment at a time.

St. Patrick’s Day, the beloved Irish holiday celebrated around the world, is a time for revelry, reflection, and a whole lot of green! While festivities take place globally, there’s something truly special about experiencing St. Patrick’s Day in its homeland, Ireland. One of the most iconic elements of this celebration is the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Which brings together locals and visitors alike to revel in the rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of the Emerald Isle. In this blog post, we’ll explore the magic of St. Patrick’s Day parades in Ireland. Highlighting some of the most renowned and enchanting celebrations across the country.


The capital city of Ireland, Dublin, hosts one of the largest and most extravagant St. Patrick’s Day parades in the world. Drawing crowds of over half a million people each year, the Dublin parade is a spectacular showcase of Irish culture, creativity, and community spirit. Colorful floats, elaborate costumes, and lively performances fill the streets as the parade winds its way through the city center. Culminating in a grand finale at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Visitors can expect to be dazzled by marching bands, traditional music and dance, and larger-than-life puppets depicting characters from Irish folklore. The atmosphere is electric! With an infectious sense of joy and camaraderie pervading the crowds.

Join the throngs of half a million spectators who converge each March to witness the spectacle of over 4,000 Parade participants. Including marching bands hailing from every corner of the globe. Amidst the historic streets of Dublin, be enthralled by the thunderous crescendo of music and pageantry. Adorned with extravagantly dressed performers and troupes of vivid, cascading dancers. At the heart of this vibrant celebration lies a bursting sense of raucous joy. Proudly showcasing the spark of creativity, imagination, and laughter that defines the Irish spirit. With community, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability as guiding principles, the Festival collaborates with Ireland’s foremost creative pageant companies, such as Bui Bolg, Spraoi, and Inishowen Carnival.


Located in the scenic southwest of Ireland, Cork is renowned for its vibrant arts scene and lively cultural events. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception, with Cork hosting a lively parade that reflects the city’s creative spirit and diverse community. Colorful floats and marching bands weave their way through the historic streets, accompanied by street performers, dancers, and community groups. Highlights of the Cork parade include giant puppets, stilt walkers, and traditional Irish music sessions. Creating a festive atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. After the parade, visitors can explore the city’s charming cafes, galleries, and artisan shops. Soaking up the unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary culture that defines Cork.


Nestled on the rugged west coast of Ireland, Galway is famous for its warm hospitality, traditional music, and lively pub scene. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with gusto in this vibrant city, with a parade that reflects Galway’s rich cultural heritage and artistic flair. Colorful floats, street performers, and community groups take to the streets. Accompanied by the infectious rhythms of traditional Irish music. One of the highlights of the Galway parade is the presence of local sports clubs, schools, and community organizations. Which come together to showcase the spirit of teamwork and community pride. After the parade, visitors can explore Galway’s bustling streets, sample delicious local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the city’s lively pub culture.

One tradition that sets Galway apart on St. Patrick’s Day is the “Drown the Shamrock” ceremony. This involves placing a shamrock in a glass of Guinness or whiskey. Toast to St. Patrick and Ireland’s heritage, drinking the beverage in one go. It’s a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday while paying homage to Irish traditions.


Limerick is a city steeped in history and tradition. Located in the heart of Ireland’s picturesque Shannon region! St. Patrick’s Day is a major event in Limerick, with a parade that celebrates the city’s rich cultural heritage and strong sense of community. Colorful floats, marching bands, and cultural groups take to the streets, accompanied by enthusiastic crowds waving Irish flags and sporting green attire. Highlights of the Limerick parade include traditional music and dance performances, historical reenactments, and displays of local crafts and artisanal products. After the parade, visitors can explore Limerick’s historic landmarks. Visit King John’s Castle and St. Mary’s Cathedral! Or, maybe relax after all the excitement in one of the city’s charming cafes or pubs.

One unique tradition associated with St. Patrick’s Day in Limerick is the “St. Patrick’s Day International Band Championship.” This event brings together marching bands from around the world to compete in a lively parade. It’s a celebration of music, culture, and community spirit. It always draws a large crowd of spectators. Right in the heart of the city streets!

St. Patrick’s Day parades in Ireland are a truly magical experience. Offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of the Emerald Isle. Whether you’re marveling at the spectacle of Dublin’s grand parade, tapping your toes to the music in Galway, exploring the historic streets of Cork, or soaking up the atmosphere in Limerick, one thing is certain… You’ll be swept away by the green and glorious festivities of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. So, don your finest green attire and join the celebration – Sláinte!


In Waterford, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is a beloved tradition that brings together residents and visitors alike. The parade typically features a variety of colorful floats, marching bands, community groups, and performers. All making their way through the city streets to the delight of spectators.

Waterford’s pubs and restaurants also really get into the spirit of the holiday. Offering special menus, live music sessions, and themed events. It’s a great opportunity to sample traditional Irish cuisine and enjoy a pint of Guinness or a glass of whiskey in a festive and convivial atmosphere.


Killarney’s parade is a vibrant spectacle. Featuring a diverse array of floats, performers, and community groups. What sets it apart is its stunning backdrop of the majestic Killarney National Park, providing a picturesque setting for the festivities. Throughout the day, the streets of Killarney come alive with the sounds of traditional Irish music and the sight of lively dance performances. Local musicians and dancers showcase their talents. Adding to the festive atmosphere and inviting spectators to join in the celebration.


Step into the enchanting world of Kilkenny this St. Patrick’s Day and experience a parade unlike any other! Nestled amidst the cobbled streets and medieval architecture, Kilkenny’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade offers a unique blend of tradition, culture, and charm that is sure to captivate your heart.

Here in Kilkenny, you’ll witness local artisans showcasing their craftmanship, from intricate lacework to dazzling ceramics, celebrating the city’s rich artistic heritage. Children adorned in costumes inspired by Irish folklore skip alongside towering puppets. Bringing to life the legends and tales that have been passed down through generations.

But perhaps the most magical moment of all is when the parade reaches Kilkenny Castle. Where the imposing fortress serves as a majestic backdrop for the grand finale. As the sky lights up with bursts of green and gold, you’ll feel the spirit of St. Patrick himself smiling down upon the city. Uniting residents and visitors in a shared celebration of Irish pride and culture.

As the month of love has arrived, couples around the world are seeking the perfect destination to celebrate their newfound union. Ireland, with its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality, emerges as an idyllic honeymoon destination that promises romance at every turn. In this blog post, we will explore the myriad romantic experiences that await honeymooners in the enchanting land of Ireland, all of which can be seamlessly enjoyed with the bespoke honeymoon packages offered by Brack Tours. Interested in honeymooning in Ireland? Keep reading!

Whisk Away to the Cliffs of Moher

Start your romantic journey with a visit to the world-famous Cliffs of Moher. As the rugged cliffs rise majestically from the Atlantic Ocean, the stunning panoramic views provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll. Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset, hand in hand with your loved one, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cruise along the Lakes of Killarney

The Lakes of Killarney, surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains, offer a serene setting for a romantic boat cruise. Allow the tranquil waters to set the mood as you and your partner share a private moment, basking in the beauty of Ireland’s natural wonders.

Explore the Romantic Ruins of Glendalough

Nestled in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains, the ancient ruins of Glendalough exude an air of mystique and romance. Wander through the historic site hand in hand, exploring the picturesque monastic remains and serene lakes, creating an atmosphere that transports you back in time.

Indulge in a Romantic Castle Stay

Elevate your honeymoon experience by staying in one of Ireland’s charming castles. Brack Tours offers exclusive packages that include accommodations in historic castles, allowing you to immerse yourselves in the romantic ambiance of these enchanting abodes. Feel like royalty as you enjoy the luxurious amenities and explore the castle grounds.

Savor a Romantic Dinner in Dublin

Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, offers a plethora of intimate dining options. Enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the city’s renowned restaurants, indulging in delectable Irish cuisine. Let the candlelight and live music enhance the romantic ambiance, making your dining experience truly memorable.

Take a Romantic Walk in the Gardens of Powerscourt

Powerscourt Gardens, situated just south of Dublin, provide a romantic escape into nature’s embrace. Stroll hand in hand through the manicured gardens, adorned with vibrant flowers, cascading waterfalls, and ornate sculptures. The tranquil setting creates a perfect backdrop for romantic moments and quiet conversations.

Relax in the Romance of the Ring of Kerry

Embark on a scenic drive along the Ring of Kerry, one of Ireland’s most picturesque routes. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, quaint villages, and cozy pubs along the way. Stop at viewpoints to take in the stunning vistas and savor the romance of the Irish countryside.

Kayak Along the Gougane Barra

Tucked away in the scenic mountains of West Cork, Gougane Barra is a tranquil and romantic haven. This remote glacial lake is surrounded by lush forests and is home to a picturesque 19th-century oratory on a small island. Couples can take a leisurely stroll along the lake’s edge, visit the historic oratory, and even enjoy a boat ride for a private moment in this enchanting setting.

The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges in County Antrim is a unique avenue of beech trees that creates a captivating tunnel-like canopy. A true hidden gem for lovers of both nature and fantasy! Featured in popular TV series like “Game of Thrones,” this magical location is a dreamy setting for a romantic walk. Especially during the early morning or late evening when the sunlight filters through the branches, casting a warm glow on the tree-lined path.

Dunluce Castle and Dunseverick Castle Ruins

Most visitors explore the well-known castles of Ireland. However, the romantic allure of Dunluce Castle in County Antrim and Dunseverick Castle Ruins along the Causeway Coast remains relatively undiscovered. Perched dramatically on cliffs overlooking the sea, these ancient ruins offer a sense of seclusion and history, providing the perfect backdrop for a private, romantic moment.

The Burren Perfumery and Gardens

Nestled within the unique landscape of the Burren in County Clare, the Burren Perfumery is a charming and aromatic retreat. Explore the fragrant herb gardens hand in hand, and then venture inside to discover the art of perfume making. The idyllic surroundings, coupled with the delightful scents, create an intimate and sensory experience for couples seeking a romantic escape.

Garinish Island (Ilnacullin)

Located in Bantry Bay, Garinish Island, also known as Ilnacullin, is a hidden paradise off the coast of County Cork. Accessible by a short ferry ride, the island boasts impeccably manicured gardens, Mediterranean flora, and stunning views of the bay. Stroll through the lush landscapes or find a secluded bench. Revel in the tranquility of this hidden gem, which feels like a world of its own.

Honeymooning in Ireland with Brack Tours offers couples the opportunity to embark on a romantic journey filled with enchanting landscapes, historic charm, and unforgettable moments. Ireland provides the perfect canvas for a love story to unfold. Whether exploring ancient ruins, cruising along serene lakes, or indulging in the luxury of a castle stay. With tailored packages from Brack Tours, your honeymoon in Ireland is sure to be a celebration of romance and the beginning of a lifetime of cherished memories.

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way stands as one of Europe’s most iconic and captivating coastal routes. An epic tapestry woven by nature’s artistry along the rugged western edge of the Emerald Isle. Stretching over 2,500 kilometers, this extraordinary trail traverses a landscape is steeped in both raw grandeur and timeless allure. Showcasing Ireland’s untamed spirit and rich cultural heritage.

This magnificent journey, celebrating 10 YEARS this year, along the Atlantic coast is a symphony of sensations. Where the crashing waves harmonize with the cry of seabirds, and the salty sea air mingles with the scent of wildflowers. It’s a passage that immerses travelers in an ever-changing panorama of panoramas. Towering cliffs that dare to touch the sky, hidden coves embraced by golden sands, and rolling hills that cascade into the emerald-hued sea. Here, time slows down. Inviting you to savor each moment—a warm cup of tea with a local storyteller, a breathtaking sunset painting the sky in fiery hues over the Atlantic horizon, or the thrill of conquering a windswept headland that seems to plunge into the endless sea.

The Route

The Wild Atlantic Way winds its way through nine counties. Starting from the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal, meandering through Counties Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, and ending at Kinsale in County Cork. It encompasses diverse terrains. From towering cliffs to golden beaches, charming villages to bustling cities, this route showcases Ireland’s diverse landscapes and captivating charm.

Highlights Along the Way

  1. Spectacular Coastal Scenery. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the stunning panoramas of the Atlantic Ocean meeting towering cliffs at places like the Cliffs of Moher, Slieve League Cliffs, and Achill Island
  2. Historical and Cultural Treasures. Discover ancient ruins, medieval castles, and sacred sites steeped in history, such as the ring forts of Dún Aonghasa on the Aran Islands or the historic town of Dingle in County Kerry.
  3. Charming Towns and Villages. Explore charming fishing villages like Doolin and Kinsale, bustling cities like Galway and Cork, and picturesque towns like Westport, each offering its unique blend of culture, cuisine, and character.
  4. Outdoor Adventures. Experience thrilling outdoor activities like surfing in Lahinch, hiking along the cliffside trails, or taking a boat trip to explore the coastline’s hidden caves and wildlife.

Must-See Stops

  1. Galway City: Known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively arts scene. Witness cobbled streets filled with buskers and traditional pubs.
  2. The Burren: A unique landscape of limestone pavements. Home to rare flora and fauna, including the iconic Poulnabrone Dolmen.
  3. Ring of Kerry: This scenic drive takes you through lush countryside, sparkling lakes, and charming villages. Offering breathtaking views at every turn.
  4. Skellig Michael:  this remote island is home to an ancient monastic settlement and is a haven for birdwatchers. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Embarking on the Wild Atlantic Way journey promises an unparalleled adventure. Where the untamed beauty of Ireland’s western coastline unfolds at every turn. Whether you seek natural wonders, cultural immersion, or simply a serene escape, this iconic route offers a myriad of experiences that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. So, venture forth and discover the captivating allure of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Interested in visiting? Check out our Wild Atlantic Way tour, one of our Exclusive Tours.

Nestled in the heart of Ireland lies an enchanting world where melodies echo through centuries-old taverns and the vibrant pulse of traditional music beats in harmony with the spirit of the land. Irish music and pub culture aren’t just pastimes; they are integral parts of the country’s identity and a celebration of its rich heritage.

At the core of this cultural phenomenon are the pubs – more than just establishments to consume beverages, they are gathering places where history, music, and camaraderie intertwine. Among the revered locales stands Sean’s Bar in Athlone, proudly holding the title of Ireland’s oldest bar. Especially steeped in legend and history, Sean’s Bar dates back to the 10th century, an emblematic testament to Ireland’s enduring love affair with conviviality.

Walk through the weathered doorways of such establishments. Generally, it’s like stepping into a time capsule. The walls breathe tales of bygone eras, resonating with the echoes of rollicking laughter and the lilting tunes of traditional Irish music. In these pubs, music isn’t just performed; it’s lived. From the plaintive fiddle melodies to the foot-stomping rhythms of the bodhrán, each note tells a story, invoking emotions that transcend language barriers.

The Irish music allure lies not just in its melodies but in its ability to foster connections. Feel the sense of belonging, as strangers become friends through shared choruses and impromptu dances. This communal experience isn’t confined to Sean’s Bar alone; it thrives in pubs across Ireland, from the cobbled streets of Dublin to the serene countryside of County Cork. For the whiskey lovers, check out our 8-night Irish Whiskey Distillery and Pub Tour.

Our Favourite Pubs

Beyond the music, pub culture is a window into Irish society. It’s where locals gather after a long day’s work. Where stories are swapped, and where debates on politics and sports find their arena. Additionally, it embodies the Irish spirit – warm, welcoming, and lively. The place to be for unique charm and stories, contributing to the collective narrative of Irish identity while you visit a cozy pub.

Here are more examples of our other favorite traditional Irish pubs. Some of which are included in our Ireland and Northern Ireland tours:

  • The Brazen Head (Dublin)
  • The Temple Bar (Dublin)
  • Tigh Neachtain (Galway)
  • Knox’s Pub (Clare)
  • Friel’s Historic Pub (Derry)
  • Durty Nelly’s Pub (Clare)
  • Kate Kearney’s Cottage (Kerry)
  • Dick Mack’s Pub & Brewery (Kerry)
  • John Kavanagh – The Gravediggers (Dublin)
  • The Palace Bar (Dublin)
  • The Crown Liquor Saloon (Belfast)

In conclusion, Irish music and pub culture aren’t just entertaining but ingrained elements of Ireland’s soul. They encapsulate the country’s history, foster connections, and encapsulate the essence of what it means to be Irish. During your next visit to Ireland, step into a pub and immerse yourself in the music. Let the spirit of the land embrace you! For the music lovers, check out our Irish Music Tours. You’ll find the likes of John Dady, Brian Corcoran, and Rose Clancy.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to the land of enchanting landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality? Look no further than Ireland, a country that captivates travelers with its picturesque scenery, vibrant culture, and countless attractions. As a local agency, Brack Tours is here to guide you through the top things to do in Ireland. And how to make the most while touring this beautiful country. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie, Ireland has something for everyone. Let’s first dive into some of the must-visit destinations and experiences on the Emerald Isle. In the meantime, feel free to check out and enquire about our upcoming Ireland tours.

Visit Dublin: Where the Past Meets the Present

Start your Irish adventure in the vibrant capital city of Dublin. Here, you’ll discover a perfect blend of history, culture, and modernity. Some must-visit attractions include:

  • EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum: Gain a unique insight into Ireland’s history & culture and uncover why the Irish made such an influence on the world in the multi award-winning world-class museum.
  • Guinness Storehouse: Discover the art of brewing and enjoy a pint at Gravity Bar, with panoramic views of the city.
  • Dublin Castle: Step into centuries of history and explore the beautifully preserved castle grounds.
  • Temple Bar: Dublin’s cultural quarter is brimming with lively pubs, street art, and galleries.

Experience the Wild Atlantic Way: Nature’s Grandeur

Ireland’s west coast boasts one of the world’s most spectacular coastal routes, the Wild Atlantic Way. This breathtaking journey stretches over 1,500 miles and offers a plethora of outdoor adventures. From Malin Head to Mizen Head, so much to explore:

  • Cliffs of Moher: Marvel at the awe-inspiring cliffs that rise dramatically from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Ring of Kerry: Drive the scenic loop through rugged mountains, pristine lakes, and charming villages.
  • The Dingle Peninsula: Take time to uncover this Southwest Atlantic coast, ringed with magnificent sandy beaches and craggy cliffs.
  • Connemara National Park: Hike through the rugged Connemara landscape and take in stunning views.
  • Achill Island: Explore this picturesque island with its rugged beaches and dramatic landscapes.

Achill Island

Discover Ireland’s Ancient East: History Unearthed

Ireland’s Ancient East is a region steeped in history, mythology, and folklore. Travel back in time as you explore:

  • Newgrange: Visit the 5,000-year-old passage tomb, older than the pyramids of Egypt.
  • Rock of Cashel: Explore the iconic medieval site with its historic ruins and panoramic views.
  • Kilkenny Castle: Wander through the beautifully preserved castle and its surrounding gardens.
  • Waterford: Home to the world-famous Waterford Crystal factory, where you can witness master craftsmen at work.

Savor the Irish Culinary Delights: A Taste of Ireland

Ireland’s food scene has evolved significantly in recent years. Be sure to indulge in traditional and contemporary Irish cuisine:

  • Irish Breakfast: Start your day with a hearty meal featuring bacon, sausages, eggs, and black pudding.
  • Seafood: Sample fresh seafood on the coast, including oysters, salmon, and mussels.
  • Irish Stew: Warm up with a bowl of this hearty dish, made with tender meat, potatoes, and vegetables.
  • Whiskey and Guinness: Explore the Irish whiskey trail and enjoy a pint of Guinness, an iconic Irish stout.

Irish stew - things to do in Ireland

Immerse Yourself in Irish Traditions: Music and Dance

Ireland’s rich cultural heritage is brought to life through its music and dance. Enjoy the Ceol agus craic (music & fun):

  • Traditional Music Sessions: Join a traditional Irish music session in a cozy pub.
  • Riverdance and Ceili Dancing: Attend a live performance or even take part in a ceili dance.
  • Irish Festivals: Plan your visit during one of Ireland’s many festivals, such as St. Patrick’s Day or the Galway International Arts Festival, Trad Fest and many more.

Explore the Mystical Landscape: Fairytale Castles and Folklore

Ireland is dotted with castles and landmarks steeped in myth and legend:

  • Blarney Castle: Kiss the Blarney Stone and receive the gift of eloquence.
  • Bunratty Castle: Step into medieval times and enjoy banquets and live entertainment.
  • Giant’s Causeway: Marvel at the unique hexagonal columns and the legend of the giant Finn McCool.

Experience the Warm Irish Hospitality: Meet the Locals and embrace the culture and warmth of our people

Ireland is renowned for its friendly and welcoming people. Strike up a conversation with locals in a cozy pub, learn about their traditions, and make lifelong memories.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities: Adventure Awaits

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Ireland offers a variety of activities:

  • Golf: Play a round at one of Ireland’s world-class golf courses, like Ballybunion or Lahinch.
  • Hiking and Cycling: Explore the lush countryside on foot or by bike along the many scenic trails.
  • Water Sports: Try your hand at kayaking, paddleboarding, or surfing along the rugged coastline.

things to do in Ireland - golf

Embrace the Irish Spirit: Visit Distilleries and Breweries

Ireland is renowned for its whiskey, Gin and beer, so why not tour a distillery or brewery? Learn about the crafting process and enjoy tastings of these iconic Irish beverages.

Get Off the Beaten Path: Hidden Gems

While the popular destinations are a must, don’t forget to explore Ireland’s lesser-known treasures, like the Aran Islands, Slieve League Cliffs, and the Beara Peninsula.

In conclusion, Ireland offers an abundance of experiences for every type of traveler. From its bustling cities to its serene countryside, this enchanting country will leave you with memories to cherish forever. Contact Brack Tours to help you plan the perfect Irish adventure and make the most of your visit to the Emerald Isle. Get ready to fall in love with Ireland’s beauty, culture, and warm hospitality. Sláinte! (Cheers!)