Do we need to provide a tip in Ireland for services?

As we are a very proud people, there is not a strong tipping culture in Ireland but any tips are always greatly appreciated by many of the workers in the establishments that are frequently visited.  As of such many natives and visitors tend to tip for certain services, in particular restaurants, taxis and personal services (e.g. hairdressing). 

Below is a rough general guide and if you want to tip and are in doubt about how much, think 10%. All tips are at your discretion!

Restaurants with table service: Tip 10%-12.5% of the bill, based on the quality of service. If you receive exceptional service you can tip higher. WARNING. Some restaurants already add a ‘Service Charge’ on to the bill (usually 12.5%).  This will be printed somewhere near the end of the bill or you can ask your server if there is a service charge/gratuity.  Most Hotel restaurants include a service charge. If this Service Charge is added there is no need to tip as this charge is essential ‘the tip’   If the service is terrible and a service charge has been added you can sometimes dispute it.  

Some restaurants now add an automatic service charge to parties over a certain size usually 6 and up.  Why this is done is a mystery and has never been fully explained.

It is also worth keeping in mind that often serving staff, both bar and floor, do not receive tips which are added to either credit cards (or in hotels those which are added to room charge) it is always best to ask in advance, to ensure your tip is received by staff and not the establishment.

Counter service/fast food:  No tip expected.

Bartenders: No tip expected. (If you are part of a large group who have had a number of drinks and exceptional service from the staff you might consider a tip of €1 to €2 euros or the same in Sterling depending on your location). And while barmen do not expect tips, lounge staff (floor serving staff) do and €1 or €2 for a large round is considered acceptable or the same in Sterling if in the UK.

Hotel housekeeping/maid service:  Tip at your discretion- €1 – €2 per night or Sterling equivalent. 

Hotel porter: €1 – €2 per bag if it is brought to your room in a friendly and courteous manner, generally not over €5.   Most hotels do not provide this service anyway unless you ask and many hotels may not even provide this service. (All group tour packages will have free porterage included, whereas our private chauffeur packages or self-drive packages do not have this included).

Bed and breakfast proprietors/staff: The majority of bed and breakfasts in Ireland are small family undertakings and it is not expected that guests tip for either food service or housekeeping.  In larger bed and breakfasts and guest houses where staff are employed,  it is acceptable to tip staff but it is certainly not expected nor required.

Taxi Driver: No tip expected nowadays round up to the nearest Euro. Tip 5% to 10% of the fare if the driver has been particularly helpful informative and courteous. Ranges are usually €5 or £5 to €10 or £10 Euros/Sterling (€10 would be considered a very large tip) and again this is always at your discretion.  Taxis nationwide charge the same fares, they are heavily regulated and provide an automatic receipt at the end of your journey showing mileage, time, cost etc… Please take your receipt.

Hairdresser/manicurist: Ladies Hairdresser 10% of the bill, Gents barbers €1 or £1 to €2 or £2 euro/sterling or 10% of the bill