What should I pack for my vacation?

In Ireland, we can safely say that our dress code is extremely casual and you may only require a suit or a smart dress code for fine dining. So we recommend packing as you would prepare for a weekend away at home with the family or your friends. Make sure that clothing is layered one can never predict the weather while in Ireland. Our recommend essential list is as follows:- 

  • Layered Clothing: Fleeces, T-shirts, Jumpers, Shorts (applicable to the summer months check the weather a few days before)
  • Sensible walking shoes (maybe bring one pair or two pairs just to be safe we don’t want you getting sore feet) 
  • A light waterproof “Rain Jacket” or “windbreaker” 
  • Carry bag for daily touring (if you plan on buying lots of Irish Goodies) 
  • Driver’s license and other forms of identification
  • Credit cards, bankcard, cash and/or traveller’s checks
  • Camera and film
  • Address book
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Extra eyeglasses and contacts
  • Any necessary medicine (carry it with you personally with the prescription labels)
  • Small umbrella (just in case it rains, always be prepared) 

Discover Ireland’s What To Pack Video