``Think Green Tours Think Brack Tours``

Green & Sustainable Tourism

Brack Tours have embraced the green values of sustainability and are providing an environmentally friendly touring product.

We strive to ensure our self-drive, chauffeur and group vacations of Ireland/Scotland remain green & sustainable.

Working in association with the Green Tourism Scheme, Brack Tours are now committed to keeping the Emerald Isle of Ireland & the lush Highlands of Scotland Green for future generations to enjoy, experience and explore.

Our Sustainable Mission:

Brack Tours are proud to be the first Irish inbound tour operator to be a part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and we are delighted to be the first Irish operator to receive the Green Tourism Gold Award.

We are committed to protecting the environment in which we operate & provide a stable sustainable tourism product which gives back to our touring destinations. We have a unique & diverse driven work ethic, which makes us want to share our culture with the rest of the world. Our Green team which is comprised of members from each department share this ideal environmental & sustainable work ethos.

Our Environmental Policy:

At Brack Tours we are committed to providing a more environmentally friendly product and service to our oversea visitors, while also making sure that we do our best to keep Ireland Green.

  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of our tour packages making sure that when possible we provide activities such as walking, cycling and hiking.
  • We have a Green team that consists of three members of staff who specialise in different areas of the company & reinforce Green Tourism to other Brack employees.
  • We use the services of other Green Tourism Businesses in our tour packages such as Hotels, B&BS and visitor attractions.
  • We are committed to training our employees on environmental awareness & how we can better reduce our carbon footprint.

Brack Tours Green Team

At Brack Tours we take Green Tourism seriously, with a dedicated team across a number of departments we are able to get our message across to our entire workforce.

Each member of the green team enforces our sustainable and green principles throughout their department making sure that all members of the workforce abide by our environmental policy and green work ethos.

Our Green team is comprised of the following Brack Tours employees Nuala Devlin Saul “Team Leader” James Mullen “Team Specialist” & Debra Devlin “Team Enforcer”.

Nuala Devlin Saul
James Mullen
Debra Devlin
Our Responsible Visitor Charter:

Ireland is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, iconic landscapes and breath-taking coastal routes. We are proud of our country and want preserve it for future generations to enjoy and visit.

So help Brack Tours keep Ireland green for years to come and join us to experience all that Ireland has to offer. Each and every one of us has an important part to play in the sustainability and protection of the environment around us.

As of such, we welcome contributions and suggestions from both our team and our clients on how we can be more sustainable and how we can protect this unique environment.

Brack Tours is committed to responsible & sustainable tourism practices:

  • By supporting local suppliers, attractions and helping local charities
  • By abiding by all environmental legislation and improving our working practices
  • By reducing the possibility of environmental damage to visitor attractions, locations and to instill Irish History & Heritage to our clients
  • By carrying out our tour operations whilst maintaining and respecting the Irish environment and local/national communities
  • By learning more about new practices and innovative ideas and to utilize them to minimize environmental impacts

To learn how you can help Brack Tours maintain responsible & sustainable tourism practices please download and read our full responsible visitor charter by clicking the read more button below.

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Keeping Brack Tours ``Green``...

How We Do It:

Our employees green journeys to work:

Our employees are our key asset when it comes to green tourism and reducing our carbon footprint in Ireland.

They do this in many different ways whether it is car sharing, walking to work or even being more adventurous and cycling to work, our team members go that extra mile to maintain our green work ethos.

Below you will find some of our employees green journeys to work.

  • Nuala Devlin Saul: Our very own Nuala embraces a simple saying “Burn Energy not Fuel”. Nuala has done this by purchasing a bicycle from Cycle Recycle Newry, who promote cycling through affordability. They provide reusable bicycles that have been discarded. With this simple idea many people in Newry will enhance their lifestyle through emotional, physical & mental well-being. Nuala also has encouraged other office goers to purchase re-used bicycles and to also embrace her Moto.
  • Sinead Greaney – Sinead has a very simple work at home ethos, where she is eagerly reducing her carbon footprint. This allows Sinead to cut back on office costings within Brack Tours, thus significantly reduces our carbon & Co2 omissions, reducing electric & water costs each year.
  • Debra Devlin – Debra Devlin embraces Nuala’s moto, although through a different means. She believes that walking to work will greatly reduce her carbon footprint in the local Newry & Mourne area. Debra often walks 4 mile to and from work every day. She also eagerly encourages other colleagues to walk to work and eagerly anticipates the Mourne International Walking Festival every June.
  • James Mullen – James lives the furthest from our Newry office and is always concerned about his the environment.

    Due to this James has come up with his own methods on a weekly basis on how to reduce his carbon footprint. His use of public transport when possible, greatly reduces Co2 emissions as negating the need to drive to Newry each day. When this is not possible James and his friends who also work in Newry, car share. Thus, taking turns on who drives on a weekly basis. This helps to decrease the wear and tear of each of their cars as they reduce the number of journeys taken by each vehicle.

Public Transport:

Our staff inspire us to make sure that each one of our tours remain as green as possible. We hope to inspire all of our clients to use public transport or commuter services when possible in Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Translink is Northern Ireland’s main public transport provider. Translink offer a range of great value tickets, Smartcards and mobile tickets to help you travel around Northern Ireland by bus and rail. Download the free mLink App from Google Play or App Store to buy your mobile tickets.

Bus Éireann is Ireland’s main public transport provider. Helping people all across the country make over 80 million journeys every year, as Ireland’s national bus company, their purpose is to connect people with who and what matters to them, helping to keep life more accessible.

Meet The Locals

At Brack Tours we believe in supporting the local culture and historic heritage of the destinations in which we travel. With this in mind one of our key features that we try to incorporate within our tours, are walking and hiking tours with the locals who know the history and stories of each destination we travel to.

Find out more about meeting the locals with Brack Tours by clicking on the below read more button.

Green Tourism Awarded

Accommodations, Activities & Attractions

Whether your preference is laid back or action packed, let Brack Tours package your tour to include fellow green tourism awarded accommodations, activity providers and unique visitor attractions. With FUN filled days and relaxing evenings you can join the locals for some Ceol Agus Craic (music & Fun) over a casual pint!

Please click on the below read more button to find out some information about these amazing suppliers while also thinking about how you tour can be greener with Brack Tours.

Please always remember to think about the environment and how your vacations can have an impact on each destination that you visit.

For more information about green tourism and how you help reduce your carbon footprint on a Brack Tours Vacation Package email info@bracktours.com.