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“When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside of us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves. Our inborn yearnings for family connections are fulfilled, when we are linked to our ancestors”

 -Russell M. Nelson

Oak Ancestry & Brack Tours

Discover your Irish History with Brack Tours & Oak Ancestry

Practically since the time of emigration for the Irish, there has been an interest for descendants to explore their ancestry. Known for their commitment to uphold the lore and legacy of their forefathers, Irish- Americans often seek their genealogical connection to Ireland. To that end, Brack Tours would like to announce their partnership with Oak Ancestry. Their research offers an in-depth look at your heritage, providing you with specifics pertaining to your lineage. You may visit their website at: www.oakancestry.com for more information on genealogy reports. Once the research has been completed and you have had the opportunity to examine the findings, logically you may find yourself yearning to visit places that hold great significance to your family.

Packaging your Ancestry Tour of Ireland

Brack Tours will work in collaboration with Oak Ancestry to design an itinerary that incorporates sites of ancestral relevance along with the legendary sights and sounds of Ireland. As an Irish owned and operated tour company, Brack Tours assures the visitor a unique experience, using our local knowledge and established partnerships with transportation, lodging, entertainment, and attraction providers. From self-drive tours to having your own Irish driver/guide escort your entire family aboard a luxury motor-coach, we will dedicate our efforts to bringing your family’s history to life. In order to provide this individualized service, Brack Tours requests a nominal deposit to allow us to concentrate on your specific needs.  Please email directly at info@bracktours.com for any questions or enquirers regarding our services and how we can help package your tour.

*As a special offer to Oak Ancestry clients – Brack Tours will rebate the cost of your genealogical study, upon completion of your tour!*

Sample Tour Itinerary & Genealogy Report

To learn more about how our tour can incorporate your family ancestry while also giving you full detailed report on your family roots in Ireland please click on the below read more links. The below sample itinerary is based on a sample report provided by Oak Ancestry and is detailed to specifically for the Heaney – McDonagh Family.

Sample Private Chauffeur Driven Ancestry Tour Itinerary

Cead Mile Failte, Heaney-McDonagh Family! One hundred thousand welcomes! Upon clearing customs, you will be met by your Irish Tour Director and escorted to your vehicle. We make the relatively short drive to Co. Longford, the home county of your ancestors. Longford is a tranquil and mainly low-lying county. Cairn Hill, referred to affectionately by locals as Corn Hill, is the highest point of the county, standing at 916 feet. Situated in the basin of the River Shannon and the upper catchment area of the River Erne, Longford is ideally located in the heart of the Lake-lands region. The true beauty of Co. Longford lies in its rural charm, the hospitality of its people and the breath-taking views of its quiet countryside of farmland, lakes, bogs and the occasional low hill.

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Sample Genealogy Report – Heaney & McDonagh Family

The initial information provided by Eliza McDonagh is that her ancestor James Heany-McDonagh was born in Ballymahon, Co.Longford, located in the midlands of Ireland. Eliza has provided Oak Ancestry with the following information:

  • James, it is thought, was born on 28 December 1825 in Ballymahon, Co. Longford.
  • It is also believed James’ parents died when he was quite young leaving James to be brought up by his uncle, a Rev. Fr. O’Donnell.
  • In later life, James went to work in the General Post Office in Dublin where he later enlisted in the British army and was drafted into the Eighth Royal Cavalry.
  • This post brought James to Ayrshire in Scotland where he met Delia McLaughlin whom he later married in 1855.
  • It is believed he then went onto take up mining work in Scotland and England before emigrating once again to the U.S in 1870.

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O’Neill Clans Gathering Ancestry Tour of Ireland

The O’Neill Clans Gathering is designed to bring together O’Neill family members from around the globe to share stories and celebrate an incredibly rich and diverse history of one of Europe’s oldest and most celebrated clans.For more information on this sample tour of Ireland please click on the below read more button.O'Neill Read More Button

Ancestry Family & Group Tour Testimonials

To learn more about some of our previous Ancestry Tours of Ireland please see a few testimonials from past clients who have experienced an Ancestry Tour Package with Brack Tours by clicking on the below link:-

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