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Welcome to our Travel with Brack Tours Podcast – Meet Peter, Nuala, Sinead, Colm, James, Debbie, Maura and Karen, all part of the Brack Tours extended family. Did you know that across the globe over 200 million people claim to have Irish ancestry.? Did you know that there are over 1400 ancient ruins in Ireland and that Riverdance started over 2000 years ago in Ireland! “At Brack Tours, we didn’t invent travel – we made it happen!” Learn about the “off the beaten track” locations, the real “local stories”, meet the characters so why don’t you pull up a chair and “Fill your Heart with Ireland

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Travel with Brack Tours


Episode 1: Introduction to Brack Tours.

Episode 3: Ireland's Oldest Pub

Episode 5: Makem and Clancy, The Next Generation

Episode 7: Downpatrick & Beyond

Episode 9: NI Giant Experiences Vol 1

Episode 11 - The Standun Story. A remarkable Irish success story.

Episode 2: Group Leaders

Episode 4: Derry ``Unlocking the Walled City Experience``

Episode 6: Ireland Equestrian Tours

Episode 8: The Last Leprechaun of Ireland

Episode 10: Waterford Walking Tours with Jack Burtchaell

Episode 12- Tom Sweeney - A Musical Journey

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We Didn't Invent Ireland, We Just Made It Fun...