Self Drive Testimonials

Please read some of the below Self Drive Testimonials from our past clients and be inspired to travel with Brack Tours.


“Thanks again for the wonderful preparation work you did for us, we had a fabulous time! Notably, the driving between destinations worked out very well. As such, we didn’t have to spend so much of our time reaching the next hotel. The hotels that you had chosen for us were all very lovely with friendly members of staff and they were very informative. The Cliff House in Ardmore was beyond our expectations. We really needed to spend a few more nights here. A lot to do and see and we will plan to make arrangement to spend more time here next time we are in Ireland.”

Pam and Roger


“I just wanted to write you a note to say thanks for everything. We had a fantastic time. The castle was especially fun, they bumped us up to part of the presidential suite in the castle itself, and between it and the spa we didn’t end up leaving the day we were there. Really it was all great though. Finally, thanks again for everything.”

Mr & Mrs Byram

Dear Debra,

“We were extremely happy with the vacation planning. The accommodation was fantastic, the drive between stays was very manageable. We visited lots of sites and felt we did just the right amount of everything. Most of all, the highlight for us was seeing family. All of the other hotels were amazing. I can’t say there was anything to improve upon- there were no issues with checking in or getting the car. Furthermore, it was organized and seamless! Hence, Brian and I are thinking of coming back in 2018 and I would definitely use Brack Tours again”.

The Murphy Family


“I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful self-drive tour of Ireland. Your staff has done nothing but go above and beyond the call of duty to help us plan exactly what we wanted to do. Someone was always there to answer our questions, take care of the many changes we made in our plans. As such, I cannot say enough about the wonderful service you provided us and your suggestions have always been spot on perfect! Our hotels were magnificent and the service was fabulous. We can’t wait to book our next trip with you”!

Michael Mone

Nuala & James, 

“Thank you all for your assistance in setting up this trip. You were all so helpful and made the trip so easy. James is a gem and so patient and helpful with all my changes and questions. To begin, the hotels were great and the suggested provided by James to return rental car when we arrived in Dublin was an excellent idea. Consequently, the hotel location made it very easy to walk around Dublin and use the Hop On/ Hop Off bus. The Royal in Killarney was a joy! The renovations were surprising and beautiful.

Registering at a desk with lovely Nuala was a very welcoming and a very pleasing experience. The staff were exceptional and treated us like friends. We even got hugs when we left. Larry and I both decided we’d love to go back there and spend more time if we get the chance. Thank you all again and I will sing your praises and recommend Brack Tours to anyone who asks and even to some who don’t ask”.

Dian Brady

Hello James, 

“I arrived home late Wednesday. No problems. All the accommodations were excellent. Skeffington Arms and Glenomra House, as well as Scholars, were all top shelf.  The car was upgraded to a diesel, which I appreciated for the fuel economy.  In short, a delightful trip with minimal hassle and I felt cared for by Brack Tours. Especially in how you responded to my inquiry about a minor misunderstanding with a desk clerk (which you followed up by calling forward to another B&B). I don’t have any immediate plans to tour Ireland again this year, but if something unexpected comes up, I’ll be in touch” (Best $10 raffle chance of my entire life!!!)

Robert Morency 

Dear Debra,

“Thank you so much for your welcome message. Also, thank you to you and Nuala for coming out to see me in Newry. I cannot express just how wonderful it was to meet you, but also just to be able to chat a bit and feel as though I had really “arrived” in Ireland. Firstly, I need to say that all the bookings, including the car, went off just flawlessly. However, I think the only surprise was that the Tinakilly had me down for two rooms. But they sorted that all out quickly and gave me a junior suite that was truly impressive and perhaps the sweetest, prettiest room of the stay.

As a result, I am so delighted that I was pointed to Brack Tours and to you all. You gave me the peace of mind so that I could immerse myself in the adventure with no worries at all. Absolutely brilliant!

Lorraine LeBlanc

“We wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned. We thoroughly enjoyed the Irish people, food and countryside. The itinerary you planned was great.  Three of our hotels and their staff were awesome. Thanks again for your efforts it was a great trip to Ireland and we enjoyed seeing Ireland at our own pace with our car rental.
Great job !!”
Mark and Marisa Biebel


“Your planning and effort to ensure our enjoyment for our trip to Ireland last week was greatly appreciated. The hotels in Galway, Killarney and especially Cork were fantastic.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Dublin city and your recommendations for stops in between

each of the locations was tremendous. I will be submitting a very positive review on trip advisor.

Thanks again!”

Mike Melone

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