Sustainable Tourism

Embrace Sustainability with Brack Tours

Brack Tours has wholeheartedly embraced the green values of sustainability, offering an exceptional touring product that prioritizes consideration for the environment. We are committed to protecting the environment in which we operate and provide a stable sustainable tourism product that gives back to our touring destinations – ensuring preservation for future generations to enjoy and visit. We have a unique and diverse-driven work ethic, which makes us want to share our culture with the rest of the world. Our Green team, comprised of members from each department, shares this ideal environmental and sustainable work ethos.

So, help Brack Tours keep Ireland and Scotland green for years to come and join us to experience all that they have to offer. Each and every one of us has an important part to play in the sustainability and protection of the environment around us.

As such, we welcome contributions and suggestions from both our team and our clients on how we can be more sustainable and how we can protect this unique environment.

Our Responsible Visitor Charter

Brack Tours is committed to responsible & sustainable tourism practices we do this by:

  • Supporting local suppliers, attractions and helping local enterprises
  • Abiding by all environmental legislation and improving our working practices
  • Reducing the possibility of environmental damage to visitor attractions, locations and to instill local History & Heritage to our clients
  • Carrying out our tour operations whilst maintaining and respecting the environment and local/national communities
  • Learning more about new practices and innovative ideas and to utilize them to minimize environmental impacts

Sustainability Policy

Embracing a comprehensive sustainability policy, Brack Tours aims to minimize environmental impact and promote responsible tourism practices. At the heart of this initiative is a commitment to reducing carbon emissions through various eco-friendly measures. Preferred transport suppliers have invested in a modern fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, significantly cutting down on emissions during transportation. Furthermore, Brack Tours has partnered with accommodations that prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring guests enjoy environmentally friendly stays.

Community Work & Support

Committed to sustainability and community impact, Brack Tours actively supports local organizations through various initiatives, such as “Coins for Cause.” This program encourages tour participants to contribute spare change, benefiting organizations like the Hospice and Simon Community.

In addition, Brack Tours supports Women’s Aid by donating clothes to empower and assist women in need. They also participate in the “Love your Lough” project, collaborating with local businesses to clean rubbish and preserve the lough shoreline. During the holiday season, Brack Tours donates toys and money to the “Christmas Toys Mountain,” ensuring local children experience joy and happiness. These efforts underscore Brack Tours’ unwavering commitment to fostering community well-being and a sustainable future.

Meet the Locals

Believing in supporting the local culture and historic heritage of the destinations we travel to, Brack Tours incorporates walking and hiking tours led by locals who know the history and stories of each destination. This key feature enriches the travel experience by providing authentic insights and preserving the unique heritage of each location.

Green Tourism Award

Proud to be the first Irish inbound tour operator to join the Green Tourism Business Scheme, Brack Tours is delighted to receive the Green Tourism Gold Award. By partnering with the Green Tourism Scheme, we are fully committed to preserving the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle of Ireland and the lush Highlands of Scotland for future generations to enjoy, experience, and explore.

Sustainable Tourism Network Certification

Recently initiating a partnership with initial membership in the Sustainable Tourism Network, Brack Tours is working towards official accreditation in accordance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This process focuses on further enhancing Brack Tours’ sustainability efforts and ensuring their operations align with best practices in responsible tourism.

Sustainability - Sustainable Tourism Network Foundation Level Award

Our Environmental Policy

At Brack Tours, our commitment lies in providing a more environmentally friendly product and service to our overseas visitors, all while striving to keep Ireland green.

To achieve this, we continuously enhance our tour packages, incorporating activities like walking, cycling, and hiking whenever possible. Our dedicated Green team, comprised of three specialized staff members, reinforces green tourism practices throughout the company and among other employees.

In our tour packages, we collaborate with other Green Tourism Businesses, including hotels, B&Bs, and visitor attractions, to ensure sustainability is woven into every aspect of the experience.

Furthermore, we prioritize training our employees on environmental awareness and methods to reduce our carbon footprint, demonstrating our ongoing dedication to preserving the environment.

Accommodations, Activities & Attractions

Whether your preference is laid back or action packed, let Brack Tours package your tour to include fellow green tourism awarded accommodations, activity providers and unique visitor attractions. With FUN filled days and relaxing evenings you can join the locals for some Ceol Agus Craic (music & Fun) over a casual pint!

Please always remember to think about the environment and how your vacations can have an impact on each destination that you visit.

For more information about green tourism and how you help reduce your carbon footprint on a Brack Tours Vacation Package email