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Terms & Conditions

Listed below are all Terms and Conditions for Brack Tours’ packages. Please do not hesitate to contact Brack Tours, if you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions. Possible channels of communication:

Deposit Payments:

We require a non-refundable land deposit of $300 per person. This must be received within 7 days of making the reservation. This is also in addition to the payment of your group travel insurance policy, if applicable. (depending on the tour the deposit amount may vary).

Second Part Payments:

Proceeding, the Second Part Payment of $800 is due 140 days prior to arrival or the date stated on each individual tour page, registration form etc. For specific instances, the second part payment amount may vary (depending on the tour).

Final Payments:

Full payment must be made no later than 65 days prior to departure date. This applies on all tour packages. Brack Tours accepts payment by check or major credit cards. Please note, your reservation will automatically cancelled, if payment is not received as scheduled. Consequently, deposit payments will become forfeited.

Credit Card Payments:

  • Brack Tours accept most major credits. For example, Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc
  • A dedicated group tour payment page will accept all deposits and insurance payments (if required). You may also contact our Dover office on 855-338-4339. Herein, a team member can take your card details.
  • Please contact our toll free number, for those who are booking a self-drive vacation. The number is 855-338-4339. Here, our Dover office will take your credit card information and details.
  • With this in mind, please do not email us your credit card details.

Late Bookings:

  • There may be a late booking fee incurred for tours booked between 30 – 14 days prior to departure date. This fee is $50 per reservation.
  • We may not have availability on tours travelling 7-10 days after initial enquiry. Therefore, we advise to please book in advance.
  • For more information regarding availability on our tours please email From this, a member of the team will be in touch regarding available places. And, proceeding with your reservation.

Land Revision Fees:

Any revision to land arrangements made after the original booking has been confirmed will incur a $50 handling fee per booking. We cannot accepted revisions within 14 days of departure or once we have issued documents. No changes are allowed once the vacation has commenced.

Land Participant Cancellations:

All cancellations must be advised by email to or your Group Tour Organizer. In the case of cancellations, received within 65 days of departure date are subject to the following penalties on the land portion:

Cancellation Penalties: Deposit: $300.00 per person Non-refundable

Land Tour Price:

  • Cancellations outside of 65 days forfeit of Deposit
  • 64 – 46 days Forfeit 35% Land Price per person
  • 45 – 16 days Forfeit 50% Land Price per person
  • 15 days or less 100% Land Price per person

Air Cancellations:

  • Aer Lingus fares require instant purchase and are non-refundable. Other airlines’ cancellation conditions vary and details will be furnished at time of booking. Additionally, no refund can be made for non-refundable airfares. Equally, group air bookings’ terms and conditions differ. Circumstantially, full details will be sent with your group tour proposal to your group leader or Organisation.
  • Furthermore, if you are travelling on a group airfare this will be a round-trip. Thus, you will be unable to travel using the airfare price to a substitute airport.

Travel Insurance / Trip Protection Advisement:

Brack Tours strongly advises/recommends all tour members to have adequate travel protection/Insurance for cover in the event of unforeseen circumstances either before or during your trip.

We refer you to travel insured which we have used in the past using the following link, where you can see the options that suit best your needs and requirements.

This allows you to select the insurance that is correct for you and to add necessary aspects such as trip interruption and any pre-existing health problems etc.

Passports ,Travel Documents & Visas:

A VALID US PASSPORT is required to enable all US Citizens to travel abroad. Please apply as soon as possible if you do not hold a valid passport. Passports MUST be valid for at least 6 months after return date coming back into the United States. Although, most countries do NOT require US citizens to obtain visas for entry.

However, if required, it is the passengers’ responsibility to obtain the correct visa from the country to be visited. If unsure, please consult the embassy or consulate for visa requirements. Correspondingly, Brack Tours or any of its providers/suppliers assumes no responsibility for passport or visa requirements.

Tour Membership:

Brack Tours reserves the right to accept or reject any client. This is to promote an enriching travel experience. Additionally, it may cause the removal of any persons from a tour. In any case, anyone whose conduct is incompatible with the interests of other members of the tour group, will be removed.

Travelers With Special Needs Or Requirements:

A qualified travel companion must accompany passengers who require particular assistance. For this reason, Brack Tours drivers and guides cannot provide individual help. This may be through walking, dining, getting on/off transportation vehicles or other personal requirements. Unfortunately, our coaches are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. Passengers necessitating unique attention must advise Brack Tours. Preferably, at time of booking. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate passengers with specific needs. However, we are not responsible for denial of services by any of our suppliers.


Land arrangements are provided, as described, in each tour program. If required, Brack Tours reserve the right to substitute hotels for accommodations in similar categories. Note that, the final itinerary for any tour departure will be included with travel documents prior to travel. This will include all booked accommodation and meal basis per night.

Coach Transportation:

Coach Tours are usually operated by 49 seat motor coaches. When passenger numbers are low, a smaller coach may be used and prices may vary.

Attractions, Entertainment & Other Features:

Brack Tours reserves the right to substitute visits, attractions and other features. This would be for instances where establishments are closed or cannot be visited for reasons beyond our control e.g closed for building maintenance.


Handling of one piece of luggage per person is included in the cost of all coach tours. Only one suitcase per person is permitted. The size should not exceed 30 x 20 x 10 inches. In addition, weight should not exceed 50 pounds. Luggage is carried at owner’s risk throughout the tour unless insured. Hand baggage and small articles such as coats, umbrellas or cameras, are entirely in the care of the passengers.

Gratuities & Tipping:

Tips for services of a personal nature and to the tour director and driver are not included in the tour cost. Hence, this is left to your discretion. However, we recommend that you tip your tour director $7- $10 per day per person.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not permitted on the motor coach. Although, frequent stops are made throughout the day.


Documents will be shipped approximately 21 days prior to departure. This is provided full payment has been received. Brack Tours should be sufficiently notified for document mailing prior to 21 days. This includes instances where passengers are leaving home in advance to tour departure. Early delivery will be organised through a regular service. Late bookings will incur an express service delivery charge.

Car Rental Information:

  • Drivers must be in the possession and currently hold a current national licence. Additionally, it should be valid for at least 1 year at time of rental. Provisional/learner drivers or seriously endorsed licence holders are ineligible to rent a car with Brack Tours or Hertz Car Rental. Such examples include; those who have drink driving disqualification.
  • Licenses must be produced in person at time of collection.
  • Drivers must be in possession of their license at all times when driving the vehicle.
  • Driver’s minimum age – 23/24 – Groups A, B & E only.
  • A young driver surcharge of €26 per day (including tax) is applied. This is payable locally to Hertz Car Rental Company.
  • Additional Driver charge – Republic of Ireland – €9.50 per day which includes tax.
  • Additional Driver charge Northern Ireland £12 per day which includes tax.

*Clients are allowed a 29 minute grace period for car pickups or drop-offs*

Car Rental Damage Excess:

The following is the standard damage excess for each car rental groups:

  • €1600 – for groups A & B
  • €2000 – for groups C, D, E & F
  • €2500 – for groups G, P, T & W
  • €3000 – for groups I, M & N

Damage excess will be an amount of €2000 for the following car rental groups & age demographics

  • 25+ Years – Groups A,B,C,E & F
  • 27+ Years – Groups D,G & P
  • 30 +Years – Groups I, M, T, & W

Drivers maximum age = 79 years. Clients aged 75-79 years (inclusive) must ensure following protocol:

  • 1) Clients must drive on a regular basis.
  • 2) Provide a letter from your doctor to state you have been in good health for at least 12 months.
  • 3) Provide a letter from your insurance company to state you have not had an accident in the last 5 years. While also, holding a current policy of motor insurance with them & that you are still currently driving.

*Car rental company reserve the right to substitute cars for other models in similar categories*

Claims or Disputes:

Submit to Brack Tours in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the tour package.

Not Included:

All items of a personal nature and meals not specified on the tour itinerary are not included. For example, room service, beverages, telephone charges, laundry, special food requests, etc. As such, this must be paid by the passenger before leaving each hotel.

Photo & Video Disclaimer:

Please be advised – photographs/videos may be taken on our group tour packages or private chauffeur packages. This may be for use on the Brack Tours website and other Brack Tours marketing materials.You consent to the Brack Tours photographing and using your image and likeness, by joining our group tour packages or private chauffeur packages.


Brack Tours LTD,

11 Tamarisk Lawns, Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24, Ireland

6 Margaret Street,  Newry  Co.Down  BT34 1DF  Northern Ireland 

Brack Tours LLC,

133 Washington Street #524 Dover NH 03820

is not responsible for any personal injury, property damage or other loss a passenger incurs on any tour arising from acts or omissions by any air carrier, public transport company, hotel, car rental company, subcontractor or other person or organisation. Including, whether or not such company is rendering any services supplied on the tour.

Brack Tours accepts no responsibility for losses or expenses due to –

delay or changes in schedules, flight cancellations or misconnections due to mechanical problems, sickness, quarantine, weather, acts of God, strikes, government actions, war, terrorism or other circumstances beyond its control. Passengers must bear all such losses or expenses.

We recommend you purchase adequate trip protection insurance for travel using Travel Insured International or any registered travel insurance company.  This helps to guard against unforeseen circumstances either pre 0r during your trip.