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Irish Genealogy / Ancestry Tours

Irish Genealogy / Ancestry Tours

Discover your Irish History with Brack Tours & Oak Ancestry

Practically since the time of emigration for the Irish, there has been an interest for descendants to explore their ancestry. Known for their commitment to uphold the lore and legacy of their forefathers, Irish- Americans often seek their genealogical connection to Ireland. To that end, Brack Tours would like to announce their partnership with Oak Ancestry. Their research offers an in-depth look at your heritage, providing you with specifics pertaining to your lineage. You may visit their website at: www.oakancestry.com for more information on genealogy reports. Once the research has been completed and you have had the opportunity to examine the findings, logically you may find yourself yearning to visit places that hold great significance to your family.

Packaging your Ancestry Tour of Ireland

Brack Tours will work in collaboration with Oak Ancestry to design an itinerary that incorporates sites of ancestral relevance along with the legendary sights and sounds of Ireland. As an Irish owned and operated tour company, Brack Tours assures the visitor a unique experience, using our local knowledge and established partnerships with transportation, lodging, entertainment, and attraction providers. From self-drive tours to having your own Irish driver/guide escort your entire family aboard a luxury motor-coach, we will dedicate our efforts to bringing your family’s history to life. In order to provide this individualized service, Brack Tours requests a nominal deposit to allow us to concentrate on your specific needs.  Please email directly at info@bracktours.com for any questions or enquirers regarding our services and how we can help package your tour.

Contact us to get your Family Ancestry Tour customised:

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Email your request with details of number of passengers, preferred travel dates and other details to info@bracktours.com and we will customize your trip to suit your requirements

Irish Ancestry Tours can be designed for groups from 8-180 so bring the whole clan!

Sample Ancestry Group Tour: O’Neill Clans Gathering 22nd-26th May 2013

Sample Ancestry Group Tour: O’Neill Clans Gathering 22nd-26th May 2013

Gather your own O’Neill Clan members and join the International Gathering in Ireland Launched by the Association of O'Neill Clans at the Hill of The O'Neill Centre, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone on the 12 November 2012, the O'Neill Clans Gathering will take place from May 22-26, 2013. Bracktours will take care of all the details in Ireland for hotels, celebrations and events. The event The O'Neill Cla...

Note: Tour Places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment